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Do you feel ill? Equally, don't be cheesy or fake in an effort to act contrary to how you feel. Is your broken arm better? Not that great, thanks. It is never misunderstood in this context: His mother is very sick. So, lately, I’ve been asking patients both: How are you feeling and how do you feel, trying to work both into my history. Is there anything I can do to help? It’s about asking out of genuine curiosity versus obligation, and posing follow-up questions that show you’ve been listening. How do you cope with being treated like you are crazy for following covid safety guidelines, when others around you aren’t doing the same? Actually, the original question requires students to ask a question according to the answer. Say one or two positive words, thank them for asking, and ask them the same question. When you really want to know how he feels, use these strategies to find out without seeming pushy. All-time. If you are melodramatic, you risk making things more complicated and less obvious. What made you feel happy today? Not bad. Although social cues dictate that we ask others how they are feeling when they’re sick, this question is a lot more complicated when you have a chronic disease like cystic fibrosis. How did you deal with it? Watashi tada anata no hontou no kimochi ga shiritai dake dayo. That is not a question, but the person asked can respond if they want. (=I'm starting to get sick from a … The boss may be fishing for a different response. View transcript. 108k. I know this is a good thing, and it's nice to know that people care about me, but I don't feel like they really want to hear how I am really feeling. If … How are you feeling? Do you feel any better? For example, if you are asking someone that you have been casually seeing if they are interested in moving the relationship along, be upfront, but avoid being melodramatic. Now you can be prepared to answer that question. How to ask a guy you are seeing where you … You could say: "I've been thinking of you and wanted to know how you've been going since we last chatted." What you do with the question can begin to free you. Ask them how they are feeling? Are you finding any of your lessons hard? Most of the time, we use this question as a polite way to say hello, and you don’t need to say anything about how you are really feeling. English language community experts. ... I’m feelin alright, thank you for asking! Just make sure your comment is a natural lead-in to the topic of your email or your comment will seem irrelevant. Sharna talks about what has been particularly hard for patients and their families. A good rule of thumb is if you are unsure this person can be trusted with your intimate secrets and/or you just feel uncomfortable, don’t feel obliged to offer more than a cursory response. Now this is a pretty serious way to ask “how are you.” Most people aren’t direct. The worry about feeling insecure is real, but you should also remember that every healthy relationship is based on honest communication. Did you find yourself in any tricky situations today? This is a more friendly-sounding answer than "fine". If you follow your contact on Twitter or keep an eye on their blog, you can’t lose with a comment about their professional tweet or post. (Long time no see!) When you ask someone how they are feeling when they have a broken arm, does it make sense to ask. Posted by 6 days ago. Leverage top interview answers to common questions to catch a hiring manager’s attention and stand out from the crowd. View Entire Discussion (20 Comments) More posts from the AskReddit community. How are you feeling? is probably the most common question you'll be asked in English. Your therapist asking you what you’re feeling is a staple of most forms of counseling, and for good reason. Today we’ll show you exactly how to open up the topic of health in American English and the right phrases to do it without offending the person or making them feel uncomfortable. It can depend on how well the two people know each other. How about yourself? It feels like this is used more when they have a cold. Or is he or she a casual acquaintance that seems to be asking the question as automatically as one offers “Gesundheit” after a sneeze? If you've been stuck inside doing chores and homework all day, and your parents ask you how you are, ... Everyone knows a happy dog wags his tail, so if you're feeling happy and joyful, this would be a good response to give to someone asking how you're doing because it's clever and unique. Don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings. Sick is more commonly used when speaking about yourself or someone in the third person. This is a simple, straight answer. And so you feel as if the inquirer really isn’t interested, which leaves you feeling sorry that you answered honestly. Ask them directly how they feel. If you know that someone has been feeling a little under the weather, this is a good way to ask how they’re feeling. the 'you' here is concrete. The interpretation is “How you?” or “How are you feeling?” People use it in order to know how the other person feels physically or emotionally — especially after some event has happened. yikes, hope you feel better. It is only natural that you will want a quirky response other than the old and bold “I’m fine, thank you.” If you want to show off how unique and witty you are, these responses are good to go with. Every interview question is a job opportunity to take advantage of. How are you feeling? But the teacher said I'm wrong. Ask about the Challenges. I think it’s been so hard for patients and their families. They may also be observing you as well as seeing how you fare within your Ike or if you have any difficulties performing tasks. Pay attention please! It must be said that if a person is very obviously feeling unwell, you will not be misunderstood if you ask "Are you feeling sick?" People feel pretty uncomfortable when I respond with, “How do you think my mom/sister’s husband/brother is doing?” I get it, it’s kind of rude. You might also follow up on a worry or concern they’ve mentioned before, and check in on how they’re feeling about it now. So when my UC was flaring, and customers would ask how I was doing, it was kinda rough going “Oh, I’m doing OK, how are you” when what I really meant was “I’m feeling like complete and utter crap and it’s too tiring just to stand right now.” I am comfortable sharing how people in the outer rings are doing (extended family, friends). Click on a tutor to learn more about them. You might answer this way if someone you don't know, like a waiter at a restaurant, asks how you are. This particular expression is used in formal situations or when asking … We can’t ask, “How are you feeling?” in the same way we ask, “What did you have for lunch?” In order to really answer this question of feeling, people need time to reflect on their inner experience, have the energy to work out their thoughts aloud, believe that it is safe for them to be vulnerable, and trust that the other person is willing to listen. I think I'm coming down with something. Don’t run away from your feelings. "How are you?" Ask a question. 'How do you feel' can be a question you ask … Children, on the other hand, are curious, perceptive, and non-censoring. This answer is formal. It can be personal and you might offend someone if you ask about it in the wrong way. and 'how do you feel?'. Finding those points of connection isn't easy, though, especially if you ask a rote question like, "How are you doing?" 5 Hi [Name], You don’t have to start with any friendly preamble. 私はただあなたの本当の気持ちが知りたいだけだよ。 16. Typically patients will rather freely report their physical ailments — having been programmed accordingly or perhaps, and even sadly, not wanting to burden us with the emotional qualities of their illness. It depends who’s asking. If you know that you are one-of-a-kind, you can’t really do the same old routine. Browse tutors. In a sense, you’re asking about their feelings about that thing. Also it is an expression of positive good will towards the person you are speaking to. Then my answer is 'how are you feeling?'. 10.4. All I want is to know how you really feel. 15. I think for the patients, they’ve not really had the opportunity to really articulate how they’re feeling … What made you feel most proud today? The answer to your question depends on who is asking it, and also, who is answering it. Fine, thanks. More than likely someone is going to ask you that question. If you don't say anything else, though, it might be a signal that you don't want to continue the conversation. Please visit Visual Link Spanish for Facebook Fiesta Friday and practice what you have learned in the video lesson above. Ask if they've found a better way to manage the situation. Could you tell me what the difference between 'how are you feeling?'

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