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This is my second trip to Taiwan. Summer in Taiwan is a season that I deeply loathe yet still look forward to every year. All the International Undergraduate Students, Master’s Degree, Individuals holding a B.S. There are loads of indoor attractions to be enjoyed in Taipei as well. Your email address will not be published. A number of favourite things spring to my mind: the beach, swimming, trekking up to a waterfall with the family, refreshing teas from the local tea shops, and kids camps. The period May-September is very rainy throughout the country because of the summer monsoon, while in the other seasons, rainfall depends on latitude and slope exposure. When are the next National holidays in Taiwan? Kong Ming Deng is an activity that is gaining more and more popularity in Taiwan. Sign in Create account. One time my family and I were on Green Island off the east coast of Taiwan when a large typhoon was approaching. There are also numerous beaches within 1-2.5 hours of Taipei. Summer in Taiwan Wednesday, August 29, 2007. weekend trip to yilan . You write your wishes on a lantern and send it up to the sky. Taiwan Coronavirus Travel Guide . If this happens, you should stock up on food and stay in for the entire next day. Taiwan receives on average 3-4 major typhoons per summer. I feel like life is just always super busy here in Taiwan, but hopefully things will slow down some and I’ll get into a routine. For a wild cultural event, check out the City God’s Parade at Xiahai City God Tempel in Dadaocheng (July 3, 2020 and June 22, 2021). Maybe that last thing caught you by surprise, but summer time in Taiwan is “kids-camp time.”  Churches all over Taiwan reach out to children in their community through kids camps. Sort by: Best match. Soudelor is one of the few that hit Taipei City directly, causing the largest blackout in Taiwan’s history, while Megi was not far behind. Most locals hate it, yet somehow many of my expat friends in Taiwan love it more than any other season. Use Klook to find tons of discounted travel deals for Taiwan. Generally speaking, June to September can be considered summer in Taiwan, with July and August being the peak of summer. What images come to mind when you hear the words “Summer in Taiwan”? Yet enduring a summer in Taiwan, along with its associated rituals (hitting the beach, gorging on shaved ice, jumping into rivers, ice cold beers from ridiculously air-conditioned convenience stores) is, in my opinion, the quintessential Taiwan experience. Better safe than sorry! By the beginning of summer in early June, the East Asian Monsoon (also known as Plum Rain) has usually left Taipei and headed to the south of the country, but sometimes these rains spill into early June in Taipei. Taiwan Weather Spring. I have already learned so much about the culture and the people here. River tracing is a more adventurous water-based activity in Taiwan; some of the most popular places to do in include Wulai in New Taipei City, Yilan County, Hualien County, and Taitung County. Try Green Island for the most tropical vibes and good scuba diving. If you want to cool off, Road Castle outdoor swimming pool in Gongguan is open from May to September. Join Airbnb here and you’ll get up to $50 off your first stay!). It … When I’m not writing or compulsively planning every detail of our next family trip, I’m most likely playing dinosaur or princess games with Sage & Lavender, my two kids. Dr. Jane Creighton; Office: S-1035 Phone: 713-221-8295; English 3340: Cultural Criticism. Taipei 101 Observatory, National Palace Museum, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of World Religions, and Eslite Bookstore are but a few examples. Ghost Month, when locals believe that the spirits of the deceased return, usually takes place in August to September. Mengyao Yuan spent a summer internship in Taiwan. Many of these children have never set foot inside a local church before, heard the name of Jesus, or experienced his love through connection with Christians. the song "summer in taiwan" ( 台灣夏景 ) thrown on top of some old taiwanese 50's and 60's movie footage. Living in Taiwan for an entire summer lowered my bias of how I see other countries compared to the United States. It is the only day of the year you can swim in the lake; make sure to register online in advance. The first major typhoon can comes as early as June, but usually arrives in July, and sometimes not even until August. Stream James Chen - "Summer In Taiwan" by Moon Glyph from desktop or your mobile device. I did now know much about Taiwan before going there, and now coming back I see what a great country it is. Most major cities and lowlands areas of Taiwan have weather almost identical to Taipei in summer. I have managed to get an internship in Taipei for the summer, I'll be working in Taipei 101 and couldn't be more excited. Beers & sea: the best way to spend summer in Taiwan . In collaboration with top-ranking local research Universities. Here is where we had time to get used to the time change (jet lag is real, folks), spend time bonding as a team, and pray for our summer. wish upon a 孔明灯 (sky lantern) at shifen. Home; Stream; Library; Search. Thin ponchos are also available in convenience stores. This version of Intellectual Heritage 0852 or Honors Intellectual Heritage 0952 will take you through a vivid historical landscape with Taipei, Taiwan as your classroom. See my guide to Taipei in June for the festival dates in upcoming years. In the far south, Kenting National Park has the best beaches, or try Dulan for surfing. You can also scuba dive at Orchid Island, see turtles at Xiaoliuqiu, or go sailing or island hopping at Penghu. Jiufen Old Street and Shifen Waterfall are two of the most popular. The humid concrete jungle of Taipei absorbs heat in the daytime, then continues emitting it at night, so temperatures only drop by a few degrees after the sun sets. For more general information about traveling in Taiwan, see my Taiwan travel guide. The Mid-Autumn Festival usually comes in September (October 1, 2020, Sept. 21, 2021 and September 10, 2022) and is a time when locals enjoy moon cakes and barbecues on the street. In June, the Dragon Boat Festival is an entertaining event, with races taking place at Dajia Riverside Park in Taipei and Bitan in New Taipei City. Because Taipei sits in a kind of kind of bowl surrounded by hills, the city traps heat and humidity, often resulting in heavy but brief late afternoon downpours. For the best water parks in Taiwan, try Leofoo Village in Hsinchu (one hour drive from Taipei), Jumbo Wave Water Park at Window on China Theme Park in Taoyuan, Mala Bay at Lihpao Village in Taichung (see more info in my guide to the best day trips from Taichung), Dongshan River Water Park in Yilan, and Vicky the Waterpark at Janfusun in Yunlin County. At Fulong Beach, the Fulong International Sand Sculpture and Art Festival takes place from April to August, while the free Hohaiyan Rock Music Festival is usually held in July or August. Beware of the sun in the midday, though. For more ideas, see my list of 50 things to do in Taipei and follow my recommended Taipei itinerary. Summer 2020: Vegan & Vegetarian Dining in Kaohsiung. While this may sound rather terrifying, cities in Taiwan are constructed to withstand typhoons. Fortunately, the Taipei MRT is fully air-conditioned and gets you close to just about anywhere you’d want to visit. This time round we got a tour guide, Jacky Kao and we crafted a custom travel itinerary for our 8 day discover Taiwan. Most schools operate year-round and do most of their hiring in February and March. Everything we do in life is meant to glorify Him. Higher education is more than a college degree. Conclusion: Is Summer a Good Time to Visit Taiwan? Having spent 10+ summers in Taiwan, I somehow become less instead of more used to it every year. Watch Queue Queue ACADEMICCOURSES connects students with educators providing courses, preparatory years, short programs, certificates, diplomas, and more. There is a common perception that the ones that come later in the season tend to be more powerful. i heard that tainan is a good choice, is that so? After years of backpacking, I now call two places home: Edmonton, Canada and Taipei, Taiwan. The summers in Taiwan are hot and humid and although it’s often perfect weather for lazing around on the beach, there are a lot of other things to do during the hottest months of the year. The Penghu International Fireworks Festival, normally held in spring, will take place from July 6 to September 3 in 2020. Our first 2 days were spent in Changhua. Just 1.5 – 2 hours south of Taipei if using the high speed rail, Kaohsiung offers visitors a glimpse into a lifestyle both equally modern to that found in the capital, whilst at the same time somewhat slower in pace. December 13, 2012 Mengyao Yuan was one of sixteen students selected to participate in the School of Engineering's summer 2012 China Internship Program. This website is my full-time passion project. In July, Super Typhoon Maria hit just north of Taipei, dumping 16 inches of rain and providing students in the PIRE program with a unique, hands-on learning opportunity. wish upon a 孔明灯 (sky lantern) at shifen. You can read more specific details for each summer month in my guides to June in Taiwan, July in Taiwan, August in Taiwan, and September in Taiwan. This can vary of course; in 2018 virtually no major typhoons directly hit Taiwan. For outdoor attractions, such as Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Ximending, or the many temples of Taipei, I suggest getting there early in the day to beat the heat. Areas that are higher in elevation are less hot in summer. The summer weather in Taiwan is at its most extreme, with crushing heat, humidity, and a sprinkling of typhoons that wreak death and destruction on the island nation. You can read about the various seasons in the Taiwanese capital in my guide to the best months to visit Taipei. The duration of the Summer Internship in Taiwan is 2 Months. ACADEMICCOURSES is part of the Keystone … The most prestigious research institution in Taiwan. Morakot was the deadliest in Taiwan’s history, killing 789 people, most of whom died when an entire village in Kaohsiung was covered in a landslide. Autumn. Junior (<18 years) language courses in Taiwan from 25334€ Offers from 2 Chinese schools with 8 reviews Exclusive Discounts & Best Price Guarantee Free cancellation More course listings than any other site Most visitors worldwide of all sites comparing language courses The Taiwanese are very casual when it comes to attire; shorts, flip flops, and tank tops are the standard attire for young men in summer, while local women love short shorts but tend to be slightly more conservative on top. I’ve neglected to update for a while because life has been super busy. This weather continues on into August, and finally begins subsiding (only by a few degrees) in September. I saw … Animated Tumurin: Summer in Taiwan. Because Taiwanese summers are so hot and sticky, it is best to wear clothing that is thin, light, comfortable, and dries quickly in case you get sweaty or wet from rain. Creativity, fun, and high energy are the name of the game and air conditioning is greatly appreciated! After that, the city gets hotter and muggier by the day, culminating with the hottest month of the year in Taiwan: July. The offshore islands, like everywhere else in Taiwan, are hot, hot, hot in summer (I personally prefer visiting them in spring or autumn). You pack your bags, jump on a plane, and head to a cool corner of the world. The Taitung International Hot Air Balloon Festival is an incredible event that takes place on the Luye Highland; the 2020 dates are July 11 to August 30. If you have plans to visit anywhere on the east coast, such as Hualien or Taitung, or landslide-prone areas like Taroko Gorge, or somewhere in the high mountains, you may have to rearrange your itinerary at the last minute. Taroko Gorge is as hot as anywhere else in summer, but does have more shade in places. The greatest gift of all is to see children open their hearts to receive Jesus and to see families connect with the local church, enabling parents and the extended family the opportunity to hear the gospel.Kids camps are such a unique way that God uses to reach both children and families in Taiwan. It’s never OK to go barefoot in Taiwan, and going shirtless for men will get you nothing but stares. Like in most countries, students in Taiwan take a summer break in July and August. 9) Taiwan Trip 2019 Recap – Wherein I discuss how summer camps went the most recent year in Taiwan. Typhoons usually have the most serious impact on the north coast, east coast, and far south (including Yilan County, Hualien County, Taitung County, Pingtung, Kaohsiung, and Tainan) and in the high mountains. Some stickers may only be usable for a limited time or only available for certain devices or regions. In Taipei, the average high temperatures average about 25 degrees Celsius... Summer. Avoid visiting it during or after heavy rain, especially typhoons. You can search the best hotel deals is Taipei or the best Airbnbs in Taiwan. While it’s tempting (and socially acceptable in Taiwan) to show lots of skin, it’s also important to protect your skin from the intense UV rays. The local authorities asked all tourists to leave the island and we lost one day of our trip. or Master’s degree are eligible to apply for the Internship in Taiwan. I know some conversational Chinese but I'm still learning. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are loads of day trips from Taipei to choose from, many of which will bring you into the cooler hills around the city. The average high temperature in July in Taipei is 34° (93°F), with humidity that makes it feel 5-10 degrees hotter. If in doubt, ask locals for advice. You decide to go to summer school in Taiwan, and you’re super excited. Soaring summer temperatures can make exploring the city on foot painful in summer. Sort by: Best match Price: low to high Price: high to low Student ratings. I’ve always been drawn to the religious centers and spiritual sights of the world. In this unique environment of fun and fellowship, the bonds between the staff and the children develop quickly, enabling them to experience love and acceptance of Jesus often lacking in their home environments. Find more ideas for things to do in Taiwan, consult my Taiwan itinerary for 1-3 weeks for planning your trip, or read about how I traveled around Taiwan with my two young kids. Taiwan is one of my all-time favourite countries, but what exactly is it about Taiwan that keeps me going back time and again, even visiting Taipei in summer when it gets so darn hot? In fact, the country doesn’t really have a high or low season; tourist numbers go up and down by the month. Weather: Spring is from March to May. You can join a guided river trace here, here, or here. Sure, you miss your friends, but you spend your summer meeting new people, learning a new language, and exploring a new culture. The first was just staying put in Taipei as a base and visited other areas using buses. Generally speaking, June to September can be considered summer in Taiwan, with July and August being the peak of summer. We have been in Taiwan for 4 full days now. When Is Summer in Taiwan? So long as you stay in during a typhoon, you will be fine, and it can be an awesome experience to hear the wind and rain howling outside or to watch it from a well protected balcony or window. I'll be there from the middle of May to the end of July. One way to escape the intense head of the cities in summer is to head to the mountains. Summer courses in Taiwan Preparatory Programs in Taiwan Universities in Taiwan See All Programs Browse thousands of study programs from around the world. Some of the largest typhoons in recent history have been Typhoon Morakot (August 2009), Typhoon Soudelor (August 2015) and Typhoon Megi (September 2016). The group consisted of Dr.Nanda (Indian post doc) and his family (wife and 7 year old son), Bear and his family (wife and 3 yr old daughter), Stella and one of Stellas friends, Elaine. (Note: I do not actually disclose where they attended due to internet safety.All requests for specific camp information will be deleted and ignored.) In Taiwan, you will experience a vibrant, modern society rooted in one of world's most venerable cultures, and populated by some of the most friendly and hospitable people on the planet. If you liked this post, you may also like the following articles: Skin can burn in minutes in Taiwan’s intense summer sun. Taiwan School Year Calendar. Required fields are marked *. You can sign up to ride a hot air balloon in Taitung here. Because you are practically guaranteed to experience short bouts of heavy rain, carrying an umbrella is essential, but they are cheap and widely sold in Taiwan. Summer in Taiwan, any advice? Upcoming Holidays. 22 coolest things to do in taiwan during summer | wish upon a 孔明灯 (sky lantern) at shifen. Answer 1 of 4: I'm planning to go taiwan this coming summer, probably on there any place recommended to go for a summer holiday? The city is also usually affected by several typhoons per summer (see more on that below). However, winter is the least rainy season everywhere. From music festivals to celebrations designed to appease the spirits, summer in Taiwan is anything but boring. You can learn more about this … Watch Queue Queue. Heat, humidity and showers those are three words that completely describe summer in Taiwan. Sign up with, Spiritual Travels is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites. Find out in my detailed assessment. On the island of Taiwan, formerly Formosa, the climate is tropical, with mild winters and hot, rainy summers. Coronavirus: Travel status There is currently a ban on air travellers transiting Taiwan. Her life will never be the same. Language travel programs combine learning with fun activities in Taipei, Taiwan. Here’s what’s new: 1. On Saturday, I met up with Stella and a few other folks that we were traveling with for a small weekend trip to Yilan. The threat of typhoons is very real, but shouldn’t prevent you from planning a trip to Taiwan in summer. A hat, sunglasses, and lights scarf or sarong for your shoulders are also musts. 2016 Summer in Taiwan Currently selected; 2017 Vipiteno Italy; 2017 United Kingdom Trip; 2018 Summer in Ghana; 2019 Ghana; 2019 Italy; Recent Trip Poster (PDF) Trip Coordinator Dr. J. The main rituals and festivities take place in Keelung City; see more info in my guide to Taiwan in August. Dotted with towering skyscrapers and glitzy shopping malls, the city is also home to serene Buddhist temples and beautifully crafted gardens. One example that happened this summer is that all residents save their food scraps, collect them, and then donate them to farmers to keep the price of pork low. It is also important to stay hydrated. Summer Chinese Mandarin courses in Taiwan are for students of all ages who want to study Chinese Mandarin in the summer. However, many of them attend summer classes during these months. Sample English 3309: Introduction to Creative Writing. Chinese courses for teens and kids from 6 to 18 years in the summer and other school holidays in 2020. Here’s my guide to where to stay in Taipei. On average, three to four of these storms, known as typhoons, reach Taiwan’s shores each year. Air-conditioned convenience stores are also found on nearly every block and often have seating areas. Your email address will not be published. Because summer is too hot for comfort in Taiwan, it is not the tourist high season. Taiwan is prone to extreme tropical storms, particularly during summer months. The difference between the subtropical north (which lies above the Tropic of Cancer) and the tropical south (which lies below the Tropic of Cancer) is less marked in summer than it is in winter, when the capital gets noticeably chillier than the south. That’s why kids camps will always be one of my fondest memories of summer in Taiwan. In this article, I’m going to cover everything you might want to know about visiting Taipei in summer or Taiwan in summer, including the Taipei summer weather, Taiwan summer weather, how to prepare for typhoons, what to wear, how to avoid the heat, and the best places to visit around the country in summer. Just take the recommended precautions, and bear in mind the tiny possibility that you may have to make a last-minute change to your itinerary. Maybe that last thing caught you by surprise, but summer time in Taiwan is “kids-camp time.” Churches all over Taiwan reach out to children in their community through kids camps. Universities, which begin in late August, do the bulk of their hiring in early August and the preceding months. Foreign nationals are no longer permitted to enter Taiwan with the exception of holders of a valid Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) or Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC). Please select at least two items to compare. SoundCloud SoundCloud. In addition southern part of the island has strong winds than occasionally grows into typhoons. Best of all, you do so as a responsible adult—you are, after all, earning academic credits and adding a career-enhancing item to … Summer in Taiwan will appeal most to people who don’t mind intense, tropical heat and who love water-based activities. Summer in Taiwan. Was there a Taiwan Halo Effect now that the kids are older? Temple Summer in Taiwan: The Global Good Program. Sun Moon Lake, which sits at 748 meters, is usually a few degrees cooler, while high mountain resorts like Alishan (2500 meters) and Cingjing Farm (1750 meters) provide the perfect escapes from the heat, at around 25°C (77°F) in the daytime and 16°C (61°F) in the early morning; you will even need a light jacket to get up for that famous sunrise at Alishan! This video is unavailable. Compare up to 4 courses . During these four days, I have been blown away by the hospitality that has been shown to us. He drives a 8 seater passenger vehicle which for 5 of us is extremely spacious and plenty of luggage space. Fulong International Sand Sculpture and Art Festival, Taitung International Hot Air Balloon Festival, sign up to ride a hot air balloon in Taitung here, how I traveled around Taiwan with my two young kids. The camps consist of very full days with a flurry of activities such as teaching, dancing, singing, games, skits and small groups. A great education can lead to a great future. All the major beaches provide large umbrellas for a fee. i heard that tainan is a good choice, is that so? Taiwan has an outstanding higher education system that provides opportunities for international students to study a wide variety of subjects. I’ve got some wicked sunburns from going to the beach or riverside in summer in Taiwan, and that’s even with applying sunscreen multiple times. Despite the summer heat, that’s when most domestic tourists visit them, so they can be more crowded. Settings and more; With your consent, we would like to use cookies and similar technologies to enhance your experience with our service, for analytics, and for advertising purposes. It’s such a privilege to be involved in what God is doing in Taiwan and to work together with the local church to reach the Taiwanese. Average summer temperature here is about 35 °C (95 °F) and humidity reaches 92%. Upload. There are loads of events and activities to choose from, and you can experience the Taiwanese climate at its most intense. If you happen to be traveling in Taiwan when a typhoon is approaching, it is important to stay informed by watching the news and talking to locals. By contrast, cities and counties on the central west coast of Taiwan, including Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, and Yunlin are less seriously impacted because they are shielded by the Central Mountain Range. Learn more in my, Best Places to Visit around Taiwan in Summer. I brought Poppy with me on my second trip to Taiwan, to explore the area of the island said to be like Taiwan's version of Hawaii. Sun Moon Lake also hosts an annual mass swim, usually in September. They require planning, preparation, and a lot of energy,  but it’s every bit worth it for the honour of having a small part in seeing seeds of the gospel sown and taking root in childrens’ lives. The Plum Rain usually brings heavy rain to the south of the Taiwan in June.

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