where to find professor oak in fire red route 2

Fight Blue on Route 2, without catching any other pokemon; then talk to Professor Oak. He will deliver the running shoes from your mother. There are several flowers spread across the route in different areas. Hi professor Oak'ers If you ever want to challenge yourself big time, here is a "quick" guide for you (part 1). Pokemon may be found in locations not listed. Proceed north to the exit of Pallet Town (toward Route 1). You can't buy anything yet, instead the assistant shouts out asking if you know Professor Oak, and asks you to take him Oak's Parcel. Route 15 is more of the same, but at least you get to pick up a new technique: TM 20 - Rage. (Route 2) This is the end of Route 2, all there is here is a small patch of grass. Continue east to Route 3. https://www.wikihow.com/Get-to-Celadon-City-in-Pokémon-FireRed The player starts in Pallet Town and receives hist first Pokémon from Professor Oak. After you make your way to the area which is blocked by the first led… ... talk to Professor Oak to receive the National Pokedex. Be this rood travels ViridicYt which has powerful Pokémon about Make suse you've built Pokéncn levels before here. His rival is Professor Oak's grandson, Gary/Blue. Once inside the Lab, you'll meet up with Blue, who is waiting ever so impatiently to get his Pokémon from Oak. Route 11. Route 05. So head south, via Route 1, to Pallet Town, and enter Oak's Lab and talk to him. He has a choice between Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Talk to Professor Oak, then select your starter Pokemon on the left. ... Take the exit on B3F for a quick route back to Celio. Professor Oak chases you down, imploring that you come to his Lab with him before embarking further. Route 04. 9=2.2 Professor Oak and he give you a return. There is a gate connecting Routes 11 and 12 (Route 11 being to the east of Vermillion City, and Route 12 to the south of Lavender Town). https://fanmadepokemonglazed.fandom.com/wiki/Pokémon_Locations There is an escalator is the bottom-left corner of the room, go up it to find yourself in the Pokémon Colosseum room. Route 13. Route 10. Professor Oak… Route 1 is a route surrounded by trees on all sides and leads to Viridian City. All pokemon from Fire Red and Leaf Green, that are catchable, will be residing in the area that they were obtainable in the regular version of the game. User Info: pokedude7 After beating the Gym Leader, Brock, continue west and you will find one of Professor Oak's Aids. He whisks us away to his lab where Duncan is already waiting impatiently. Tips for confused parents. In Generation I and Generation III, there are no opponent trainers to battle against. ... Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green Wiki Guide. When you're done in Route 22, make your way back to Viridian City and exit through the north path to reach Route 2.Much of this route is inaccessible to you this early on, but you'll be able to reach it later after acquiring HM 01.For now, your only concern is reaching the entrance to Viridian Forest. Contains the most common/easiest locations or requirements for obtaining each available Pokemon. After pick up the Potion, you will fight against Ash. Rival / Blue / Green / Gary. First of all, better get into the habit of … After a bit of talking with the Professor, you'll find yourself in your bedroom in the peaceful Pallet Town. This will make Pokémon from the Hoenn region start to appear in the game. Teachy TV. Most trainers you'll find here seem obsessed with Flying Pokemon, although you will also find a couple of ne'er-do-well Bikers as well. Trainers. This restores 20 HP, and will be helpful real soon as you're about to find out. "Oak's PC" is something you can use to have Professor Oak assess your progress on the Pokédex, which you don't have yet. Leave Pokemon Lab. This allows you to look for hidden items on the ground. Talk to your Mom if you wish, then head outside. In order to do so, you must first catch fifty different Pokemon Species. Contains Story Spoilers. Red / Blue: Route 2 (from Professor Oak's aide, in building south of Diglett's Tunnel) Yellow: Route 2 (from Professor Oak's aide, in building south of Diglett's Tunnel) 1 Pallet Town 2 Viridian City 3 Pewter City 4 Cerulean City 5 Vermillion City 6 Lavender Town 7 Celadon City 8 Fuchsia City 9 Saffron City 10 Cinnabar Volcano 11 Indigo Plateau 12 Victory Road 13 Elegant Valley 14 Mysterious Grotto 15 Mausoleum of Origins 16 Snow Canyon 17 Social Park Pallet Town is the very first place the player will be in. ... "FireRed" and "LeafGreen" are correct. Daisy Oak's Massages Every day, between 15:00 and 16:00, Daisy Oak will give one of your Pokémon a massage, increasing their happiness and beauty stat Walk towards the south and go to Route 1. If you go into the gate, you can go up the stairs and you'll find one of Professor Oak 's aides. Route 03. The first thing you want to do is go to your PC at the top-left hand corner of your room and take out the Potion. Pallet Town is the home town of many of Kanto's well known characters; Red, Blue & Professor Oak. If you go there after catching 30 different kinds of Pokémon (you can check this number in your Pokedex), you can find one of Professor Oak's Aides on the upper floor on the gate. Return to Pallet Town and return the parcel to Prof. Oak. After going through Virdian Forest, you will arive in Pewter City. All Pokémon Sets -PokeFan213 007 Squirtle Starter Pokémon from Professor Oak Lv18 into Wartortle 008 Wartortle Evolve Squirtle Lv40 into Blastoise 009 Blastoise Evolve Wartortle 010 Pidgey Route 1, Route 2, Viridian Forest Lv18 into Pidgeotto 011 Pidgeotto Route 5, Route … "Fire Red" and "Leaf Green" are wrong. Now walk back to Viridian City and walk east to Route 22 where you will battle your rival. After you are finished head north past Route 1, towards Viridian City. Head north and you will reach Pewter City. All pokemon from Fire Red and Leaf Green, that are catchable, will be residing in the area that they were obtainable in the regular version of the game. Locations of all 150(+1) Kanto Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen Versions on the GameBoy Advance. (Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander) Pick up the Pokédex right up the desk behind Professor Oak. Now you can press Ctrl to make a Pokemon following you. 0 Badges. Also as you exit Pewter to the east, Professor Oak's Aide will give you a pair of running shoes which allow you to run by holding down the B button. For example; on route 24 in Fire Red you can find Oddish, but in Leaf Green you will find Bellsprout… in Ultra Violet, you can find BOTH Oddish and Bellsprout. Pokémon [2] ... Route 02. Getting to know your Pokémon Cards. With those two things done, I leave my house and set off onto Route 1. Route 15. Like Fire Red or Leaf Green you start in pallet town with no badges and hopefully a lot of patience. So you decided to play Pokémon Fire Red Omega, and on top of that doing an oak challenge, well good luck! For example; on route 24 in Fire Red you can find Oddish, but in Leaf Green you will find Bellsprout… in Ultra Violet, you can find BOTH Oddish and Bellsprout. Route 14 appears just as you are leaving the docks by the sea. Once at Viridian City, head straight to the PokeMart and pick up a parcel for Prof. Oak. As if my magic, Professor Oak appears, and stops me from venturing into the tall grass by offering to give me my first Pokémon. Route 07. This small town has three houses and Oak's Laboratory and a small bit of water heading to Route 21. Tips for confused parents - getting to know the cards. Okay, I have played the game before, and in order to get the HM Flash, you have to talk to one of Professor Oak assistants on Route 2 and have 10 different pokemon in your pokedex.

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