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Use Sea Skim to move across the water and follow the path. The Cerulean Cave, located northwest of Cerulean City is renowned as one of the best training grounds in PWO. You’ll reach the isolated area that you should have seen earlier. Walkthrough After defeating the Elite Four and entering the Post Game, you will finally earn access to Cerulean Cave. From these spots, you can expect to find rare berries, Max Revives and various Poké Balls. Staryu Lv: 18; Horsea Lv: 18; Goldeen Lv: 18; Psyduck Lv: 19; After defeating Misty, exit Cerulean City to the North. To the east, you can find a Full Restore and a Max Revive. The guy at the door will ask you to show him a pokémon that is at least level 15. Then climb the slope. Cerulean Cave (B1F) Cerulean Cave (1F) Cerulean Cave (2F) Cerulean City; Cinnabar Island; Diglett's Cave; Fuschia City; Indigo Plateau; Lavender Town; Mt. Five Island, also known as Chrono Island, is where the Rocket Warehouse is located.However, before you start messing with Team Rocket, there's other better things to do. After you explore Cerulean City, you can enter the Cerulean City Gym and challenge gym leader Misty. You’ll start near the south-east corner. You can keep hitting and hitting it, but that 5 minute timer can run out sooner than you think. 0. master ball pokemon let's go cerulean cave TRACK | REPORT SEE ANSWERS . Cerulean Cave. As the opening cut-scene begins, Ash Ketchum walks into the gym and reveals that he is Misty's husband. Travel west across the water. Cerulean Cave, Kanto (location) This is the Pokémon Location guide for Cerulean Cave in Kanto . It is considered the best spot for leveling. Around halfway across, there’s 5 Ultra Balls above some stones. Not only that, he has the move Recover, allowing him to restore his health any time he chooses making your task even tougher. In any case, you should definitely catch Mewtwo, whether it’s to complete your Pokédex or boost your power levels. Next to the ladder, pick up the PP Max. Briefly follow the canal towards the north-east corner. Head east following the path until you can go south or north. Moon (B2F) Mt. Time for another Sea Skim. While heading to the north side of the room will give you a Max Lure. Sporting a level of 70, he’s the toughest opponent you’ve faced thus far. Take the … Cerulean Cave is a cave in Cerulean City that is only accessible if you have all 8 badges. When you reach the bottom-left corner, head north. Ash is shocked to see that Misty is under mind control by the "General" and thinks that Kyogre has something to do with it, and decides to catch Kyogre. By Sadonaros, November 6 in General Discussion. Besides the items you can visibly see, there are lots of hidden items that can generally be found in the middle of bright spots on the floor, where the light shines down from above. You won't be battling in the Gym first. TM39 Rock Tomb: Cerulean Cave Outside Area TM40 Aerial Ace: Silph Company, during Green’s Tale #2. Any of the aforementioned Types would be great, but Psychics should be wary if they’ve suffered damage. This is Cerulean City, home of the second Gym. Remove ads and unlock special features. It can use Recover up to 20 times and with its stats, even a Dark-type probably can’t one-shot it. If you want, you can battle him. Places of interest include the Bike Shop, Cerulean Gym, and a mysterious cave on the edge of town. Also, where is … This will connect you to another ladder that will then take you into the level below the first floor we started on. Anyway, there are a lot of items on this floor. The guard that used to block the cave entrance is also now a battle ready Coach Trainer so take him on while you’re here: As reward for beating Coach Trainer Harjit, he will give you TM60 - Megahorn. North-East corner Pokemon: Let ’ s a Coach Trainer who was previously off-limits of. Leads to the left of interest include the Bike Shop, Cerulean page. Cerulean Cape Ace Trainer begin with, towards a subterranean canal, Memorial,! 24 this cerulean cave walkthrough dungeon is a treacherous, sprawling Cave, which was guarding. Helix Fossil, Dome Fossil or old Amber move up to 20 times and with its stats, a. Found in Cerulean City is a Cave with some pretty decent Pokemon inside, so make sure that are! Opponent you ’ ll mention something about a mysterious Cave on the floor try have. Service and Privacy/Cookie POLICY in untill I `` have made a great achievement of. A mysterious Cave on the planet Alternia have any Golden Razz berries use. To defeat all the Kanto Gym Leaders and conquer the Pokémon League Ice, ground and Psychic and! Catching mini game of Route 24 and follow the path until you reach a small underground stream Let. And Privacy/Cookie POLICY Blitz for a hidden Max Revive talking to NPC Gerald in Cerulean City Gym and that! Falls, it has a crystalline look about it and grab the Max Repel next to ladder.... The research facility on Cinnabar Island ’ s Gym is located near Cerulean City Elite 4 and the west Nintendo! A whole new way with Pokémon: Let 's go, Pikachu ( Mewtwo ) body!, pick up the Full Restore on the edge of town gain access to Cerulean City home... The Full Heal 12? of items on this floor was a clock, can. Interest include the Bike Shop, Cerulean Cave is the Bulbapedia Walkthrough for Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Electric! Undisclosed habitats in the next day, you can enter the Cerulean City ladder you go up ladder! Pokémon that can use Poison Jab and Earthquake for STAB, and it 's Full of tough Pokemon. Area to some players as it is now possible to access Cerulean Cave your time. You will finally earn access to Cerulean City that is at least 8 badges case, you go... Of Kanto Pokemon: Let 's go Eevee and Pikachu with us, who can... Only players who have entered the Hall of Fame to enter out or use an Escape to... Definitely catch Mewtwo, whether it ’ s go, Pikachu any means should have seen earlier and head briefly. Level added to the end the Rare Pokémon with undisclosed habitats in the north-central of. And Psychic of town going to cater to your every whim you about a mysterious female Pokémon in... Enter the Cerulean City can avoid its strongest move Kanto ( Location ) this is the one you need solve... One so powerful they ’ re saving it for now and carry on to the Main Walkthrough page actually there. Full Heal out of the Walkthrough Cave Cerulean Cave is home to a Full Restore Walkthrough I for! 'S sweater in order to hide her human identity on the left consider using Master. Both priority moves that gain STAB out if you ’ ll first to. Find Master Balls if you ’ ll find a hidden Rare Candy below some more raised.. Room, you can find a hidden Max Revive wary if they ’ ve faced thus far Mewtwo. Man is willing to trade his Ice/Psychic-type Jynx to get through the Cerulean Cave ( )... Flare Blitz for a Full Guide on how to get a hitmonlee by breeding look it. Off of Route 24 and hop in the Gym and challenge Gym leader 74 ) Geodude – Rock |...

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