Roof Top

Enjoy the view of Sorae from the city.
Have fun in swimming pool, whirlpool, and hold private parties.
Pool • Whirlpool
Guest only
Private Party
Swimming Pool (Only open from May to September) ㅣ Inquiry 032-425-2700
Every Day 10:00 ~ 22:00
Rooftop operational hours may differ due to a weather change.
Please wear swimsuit, swim cap, and rash guard when using the swimming pool.
(Cannot enter with t-shirts and pants)
Please put waterproof diapers on when accompanied with babies.
Please avoid wearing earrings, hairpins, and rings that can cause injuries to others.
Please cover your tattoo (ex. rash guards) when using the swimming pool.
No outside food and beverage allowed in the swimming pool area
Only food and beverages purchased from the hotel are allowed.
Please notify the staff before ordering if you have any food allergies.
Filming or photo taking of commercial purpose may be prohibited.
Underwater shooting with devices including cell phones is not allowed.
Photo taking causing inconvenience to other guests may be restricted.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Please take a shower before entering the swimming pool.
If you used tanning products (ex. tanning oil), please take a shower before entering the swimming pool.
Please refrain yourself from causing inconvenience to others.
Rooftop swimming pool is a non smoking facility, including all spaces in the hotel.
Operation may be stopped for your safety if there is a drastic weather change or system error.
Your entrance may be restricted for the safety, if maximum capacity is exceeded.
Please follow instructions from staff or lifeguards for your safety.
You may be asked to leave if you have caused inconvenience to others or safety issues.
Swimming pool is only for the hotel guests.
Children under age of 13 must be accompanied by guardians.
Children under height of 140cm must be accompanied by guardians.
Persons with poor swimming skills, preschooler, elderly, and physically weak persons are prohibited to swim alone.
Minors are not allowed to enter the swimming pool without guardians.
No outside food and beverage allowed in the swimming pool area.
You cannot use swimming pool when drunk.
Snorkeling, swim fin, swim ball, giant boat tube, water gun, aqua shoes are prohibited.
Please be careful not to cause inconvenience to others when using swimming equipment and toys (ex. swim ring).
Sharp or breakable items, like metal, plastic, and glass are prohibited.
Diving is prohibited for your safety.
Do not run or jump into the water.
Please enter the water 30 min after your meal.
Please do not enter in sudden (enter in the order of legs-waist-chest-body).
Please do not continue to swim for more than 30 min at once. Please take an enough rest after 1 hour of swimming.
Sterilizing element may cause an allergy.
Please do not use the pool if you have such allergic reaction.
Sterilizing element may cause color change of your clothing, however, it is harmless to human bodies.
Persons prohibited from swimming

– People with heart problem, pneumonia, tuberculosis, drinking problem, and eye infection
– People with infectious disease, skin disease, and in possession of items causing aversion
– People causing displeasure and aversion to others

We are not responsible for safety accident in swimming pool.